How important is staying informed?

Time is Money

Have you ever thought, “how on earth am I supposed to stay up to date?”

There is so much information out there from YouTube, blogs, journals and podcasts. You don’t have the time or the bandwidth to filter out the noise and just listen to and digest the stuff that interests you the most.

If you’re like us, then you are interested in the tech economy and the stories of the moment; Big Tech, Startups, Crypto, New Innovations and Inventions.

You like to know what it means for the future. And be clued up on the big stories of the moment…or even know about those that your friends and colleagues don’t (yet).

This is where Wiser! comes in.

Because we do the heavy lifting for you.

Every fortnight, Wiser! will give you a 10 minute read that condenses tech news, insight and opinion into easy to consume segments.

Perfect for those in business development roles that want to cut to the chase, or those of us interested in staying informed and up to date.

Because, after all, time is money and 10 minutes is enough!

And if that isn’t enough…

Premium Members who subscribe for less than the price of a Starbucks Latte Macchiato get extra content.

Premium gets you;

  • Wiser in 5!
    Focused newsletters emailed to your Inbox that go a little deeper into the tech stories of the moment. Delivered in a 5 minute read, the Wiser in 5! letters are delivered every other Friday.

  • WiserPods!
    Premium members get access to an audio reading of the newsletter in a podcast format, via the Substack page.

  • History
    And you get full access to the Archive of premium content.

Staying Informed!

Whether you go Free or Premium, you are most welcome to the community. Thank you for giving us 10 minutes of your time.

And remember to hop over to YouTube and sign up to the Wiser! Channel for all our latest WiserPods.

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